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TREND at the moment Paleo Lifestyle is the way to go

TREND at the moment Paleo Lifestyle is the way to go

The trend on Social media is the Paleo Lifestyle; people are Instagraming, Facebooking & Tweeting about the Paleo way of life… I am going to give you a rundown of exactly; what Paleo is and how this way of eating could affect your body.

Firstly it is not a diet, it is simply a lifestyle; a way of life; a way of eating healthy! One should choose to eat healthy for the benefit that, it is what’s right for your body and that it will make you feel good and give you energy.


How the Paleo lifestyle works

It’s as simple as it sounds: basically you’re thinking of Paleolithic and Cavemen. So you are eating just what the Caveman would. It sounds quite simple and it really is…. It is actually one of the easiest “diets” that I think there is right now to follow.


What NOT to eat

You need to think back to “what did a Caveman eat”? “What foods were available to him”? They certainly did not have microwaves, manufactured or processed foods! The biggest part of the Paleo lifestyle is cutting out all processed foods. Therefore processed goods would be anything from the freezer (unless its frozen veggies); you don’t want to eat anything that has gone through a process with machines, like:

  • Cereals – a lot of cereals are processed;
  • Pure sugar in a bag – that is processed;
  • Bread;
  • Flour;
  • Anything with sugar (ice-cream and soda too!!!);
  • Chips;
  • Dairies;
  • Beans;

What to eat

How I like to look at it is rather than thinking, I can’t eat this! I can’t eat that! Think of it in a positive way: What can I eat? :

  • Meat;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fresh fruits;
  • Nuts;
  • Eggs;
  • And drink only water.

You will be surprised how many meals you can make just from eating these different things.


Don’t need to count calories

One of the things that makes Paleo way of eating so simple is that you don’t have to count calories. You eat until you are full. The thing with eating your meat and your vegetables is that the meat is so filling, and there are no empty calories. You are not eating potato chips where you can sit there and literally eat a whole bag and still be hungry afterwards.

There are a lot of Paleo recipes online, so you have endless ideas of what to make!

With the Paleo lifestyle you don’t have to deal with your blood sugar spiking. It is going to help keep the insulin levels down. Insulin is what makes your body decide to store fat.

You get proteins

The amount of protein that you are consuming through the Paleo lifestyle is going to help you build lean muscle. The great thing about this is that you are not going be one of those “skinny fat people” (they are skinny but they have a flabby belly and no muscle tone). This is going to keep you strong and solid, and it is going support your body.

Cut out processed carbs

When you eat so much carbs your body decides to store fat as an emergency fuel source. So when you cut off all the processed carbs from your diet, your body decides that it gets enough fats and it does not need to store fat anymore. So your body starts using the already stored fat directly as a fuel source rather than just storing it for later use.

The Paleo lifestyle is a diet that I would encourage everyone to do because it’s healthy, it’s easy and you are not putting your body into starvation mode. You are not just drinking liquids or doing something crazy. You’re actually giving your body what it needs and what it craves.

Once you start eating clean you will realise that your body really does feel better, you are leaner and you have got more energy. You just overall feel better because your body is getting those essential nutrients and vitamins that it needs.

Be fit & Stay strong!!

TREND at the moment Paleo Lifestyle is the way to go



By Manuella Myburgh

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