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Tips on Training Sore Muscles

Tips on Training Sore Muscles

Questions that get asked frequently when it comes to sore muscles are….Should I train a sore muscle? How can some muscles get sore, while others don’t…..? Let me clear this up for you.

Soreness is a good indication of what kind of shape you’re in and/or how hard you’ve trained. So, for some people in bad shape or out of shape or if they have not lifted in a while, it doesn’t take much to get them sore. Even though the workout might be easy, it brings on a significant amount of soreness.

As you get in better and better shape, you have to train harder and harder to bring on additional muscle soreness and therefore more adaptation in growth.

When your muscles get sore, you’ve got a certain amount of micro trauma that has occurred from the actual exercises. Also you have got a lot of waste products coming in and out of the muscles and all these create a certain soreness within the nerve. Plus there’s certain change in the pH in the muscle, so there is a variety of things that are occurring when it comes to soreness.


Why Certain Muscles Don’t Get Sore?

That is based on your biomechanics. In some people; all their body parts get sore, like chest , back, biceps, triceps, shoulders and legs, and in others only certain body parts get sore. My biceps and chest rarely get sore after a workout. They will be tiring the following day, but not sore like legs and back which seem to get sore for me.

I think a lot of times it has to do with your biomechanics and also the massive amount of stretching that occurs based on your body.

Should You Train A Sore Muscle?

This depends on how hard you have trained before, how sore you are, how often you are training that muscle. If it is sore, it means it still needs some time to recover.

For instance, if you train shoulders on Monday, and your shoulders are sore Tuesday, it’s more sore on Wednesday and it is less sore Thursday. So if you were going to train shoulders again, I would either do it again on Thursday or preferably Friday. If you train a body part on Monday, and it is only a little sore (stiff) on Tuesday and on Wednesday it feels fine, you can train it again.

Typically you should rest your muscle 24 – 48 hours, but that’s not quite accurate because it depends on how hard you have trained that muscle and what shape you are in. You will be able to tell when it is time to train that sore muscle again.

Stay fit & Be strong!



by Manuella Myburgh

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