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Tag: Glutes


Progressive Squat Workout – Claire Deeny
817 0
Personal Training
7:57 Mins

Bubble Butt Challenge Workout
3344 +3
Free videos
10:28 Mins

Bubble Butt Challenge Workout Bubble Butt Challenge workout video for all ages. There is nothing better then a nice firm butt. In this Bubble Butt Challenge workout video our Fitness26 trainer will take you through a series of challenging exercises aimed at firming and toning the butt. This video is for all ages, so why […]

Booty (Butt) Workout – Manuella
488 0
Toning specifically for woman
10:09 Mins

Bums Tums Workout
956 +1
Free videos

Bums Tums Workout Bums Tums Workout video because,who doesn’t want a nice bum and a nice tum? Our Fitness26 trainer takes us through a fun yet rigorous routine, using exercises that can be done anywhere. She also shows us how to stand and squat correctly so that we can be more effective in achieving our […]

Lara – Focusing on the Glutes, Hamstrings and Quads: Beginner to Advanced
654 0
Personal Training
16:00 mins

Glutes, Hamstrings and Quads work out for Beginner to Advanced Equipment needed: Resistance band, Big ball and Yoga Mat        

online fitness video targeting glutes
447 0
Personal Training
7:05 mins

Online fitness video targeting glutes Equipment Needed: Dumbbells                                                                                                  […]

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