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Staying Healthy and on Track During the Easter Season

Staying Healthy and on Track During the Easter Season

Don’t go all crazy and pig out…..! With the Easter holiday season just around the corner; many of us are looking forward to the much needed break, which is well deserved!

Just as eating healthy and exercise is important and beneficial to us, getting sufficient rest and taking a break is just as crucial.

Some of you might get carried away and derail a bit when you are out of your routine, as well as find it hard to resist the Easter chocolate available in all the colourful shapes, sizes and flavours! Here is where Fitness26 can be a very helpful tool in keeping you on track even though you are in the celebratory holiday mode.

Fitness26 has a great selection of fitness video workouts that will take you less than 26 minutes to do, as well as healthy eating tips and recipes to keep you focused and on track of your goals. The website is easy to use and the workouts can be done anywhere, at any time, using minimal or even no equipment.

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Here are some tips to enjoy the tasty traditions of Easter and still feel good about yourself:


Not suggesting you avoid chocolate altogether. Relax! However, instead of having milk chocolate pick dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is not only more filling than milk chocolate; it also lowers our subsequent cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods. Dark chocolate also has double the antioxidants of milk chocolate, but the good news doesn’t stop there…. Research has found just 6 grams of dark chocolate a day can help lower blood pressure.



Just as a healthy eater portions their food, the same can be done for eating chocolate during Easter. Stick to a handful of chocolate a day. Make sure you restrict yourself to just a handful – or the equivalent in hot-cross buns – per day over the Easter break and you will end the holidays with both your self-esteem and your waistline intact.


You can curb the guilt and sugar highs by shifting focus from the chocolate eggs to the bunny.
In much the same way that we leave treats for Santa’s reindeer, perhaps the Easter Bunny would like a snack. And what does a bunny eat? Carrots and celery sticks, of course.



The Easter egg hunt is the perfect opportunity for exercise on Easter. The key to making it more energetic is to spread fewer eggs over a wider area and join in on the fun. The longer everyone spends searching, the more calories they will burn off, and the less treats there are to be found, the lower the calorie count when the Ester eggs are finally eaten.

Enjoy Easter, enjoy yourself and stay healthy at the same time!

Happy Easter!!! Happy Training!!


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