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sculpted body

Sculpt Your Body 6 exercises

Sculpt Your Body 6 exercises

The perfect way to sculpt your silhouette and obtain a physical appearance you will admire, is to keep in mind the muscles of your body and to work them properly.

Perfect strategy to sculpt your silhouette and obtain the physical condition you admire to see is to keep in mind the body muscles and to work them properly.

Firstly you would need to know what exercises to do for each part, like the glutes or legs. When you work a specific area and pay attention to each of them, the results will live up to your expectations.


Want an amazing posterior?




You need to work the Lats (latissimus dorsi), they are the largest muscle in the back which are attached to the sides of the buttocks by deep tissue. Connected, therefore making your lats stronger will help your glutes engage more effectively.





Exercise:  Plow

Sit on a chair with legs extended, feet flexed, heels on floor; loop a resistance band around your feet and hold ends of the band in each hand at sides. With torso tall and shoulders down, draw arms as far as you can behind you, squeezing shoulder blades together. Return to start. Focus on keeping arms straight, working your lats.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps


For those six pack abs?

six pack abs


If you want stunning abs you have to work the serratus anterior muscles found on the sides of your rib cage. The serratus highlights the ribs, making the whole torso appear more defined, especially when they are strong.






Exercise: Floor Press

Lying on your back holding a weight in left hand with arm extended over shoulder. Keeping right arm at side, lift left arm until shoulder blade and head are off floor; hold for 3 beats. Return to start and swap sides. Lying down helps you stay more stable than standing, and it allows you to lift heavier, so you’ll see results faster.

Floor Press

Do 5-10 reps per side


Want gorgeous legs?

gorgeous legs


To achieve these lovely legs you need to work the anterior tibialis (shin) intensively. When they are strengthened you’ll create that sexy line of definition in your lower legs, as well as injury prevention.







Exercise: Reverse Toe Tap

Sit on a chair with left thigh crossed over the right. With a string or elastic tied to a small light dumbbell, creating a loop; hang it on your left shoe. Keeping leg still, flex left foot toward shin; and release. Then flex left foot toward shin and to left; release; repeat to right for 1 rep. Switch legs and repeat.

Reverse Toe Tap

Do 15 reps per leg


 How would you like Show-off Shoulders?

Show-off Shoulders


To create the pulled-back, stand-out shoulders hot girls have, you need to activate all four muscles of the rotator cuff, which are located on the top of your shoulder and keeps it stable.







Exercise: Wax on, wax off

Stand with right arm extended at shoulder height, palm pressing a ball against the wall. Slowly move ball in a small clockwise circles and then counter clockwise. Switch arms to complete 1 set; do 2 sets. Use a small light rubber ball; it takes only rotation, not weight, to work and fire up the quartet.

Wax on, wax off

Do 20 reps clockwise & 20 reps counter clockwise per arm.


Want a well-toned rear?

well-toned rear


Squats & lunges only do so much to define your glutes, but stronger muscles, like hamstrings, tend to take over. You also need to consider working the gluteus medius (the fan-shaped muscle that creates the booty divot).






Exercise: Knee Side Plank

Lie on your right side, on your right forearm, with elbow underneath shoulder, knees bent and stacked. Raise hips and extend left leg so toes hover off floor and hold, then return to starting position. Switch sides & repeat. Squeeze your butt cheeks for ultimate medius activation.

Knee Side Plank

Hold each rep for 30 seconds, 10 reps each side


What amazing strong arms?

strong arms


You will need to work your posterior deltoid muscles, it is the back of your shoulder and sits right above the triceps. Strengthen the rear delts and you highlight the separation between the triceps, making both look more sculpted.






Exercise: Deltoid raise

Hold a resistance band in front of hips with arms fully extended, hands slightly wider than shoulders, palms facing thighs. Raise arms overhead as you pull hands away from each other, keeping arms straight and creating tension in the band. Lower arms behind you, turning thumbs toward floor. Reverse movement to return to start.

Deltoid raise

Do 3 sets of 12 reps.

By Manuella Myburgh

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