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Rehabilitation needs to be slow for effective healing and full range of motion

Rehabilitation needs to be slow for effective healing and full range of motion

When it comes to rehabilitation, the process is generally slow and no one has time to allow for effective anymore – especially in this fast paced world. However, I always say, with rehabilitation, the slower, the better.

Rehabilitation needs to be slow for effective healing and full range of motion

The amount of rehabilitation one needs depends on the following factors: the severity of the injury, type of surgery, range of motion or the strength of the joint.

Wrist and hand rehabilitation exercises for instance, are mainly used for people who have had carpal tunnel surgery or tennis elbow.

Because there are large amounts of intricate tendons, muscles and ligaments in the hands and wrists, the rehabilitation is even more tedious and this makes it hard to continue with it. But what one needs to understand is that the muscles running along your arms, for example, are all interconnected. This means that if you have an injury like tennis elbow, the movement in your fingers will affect your elbow because those muscles run up your arms and connect to each other. Thus rehabilitation needs to incorporate hand and wrist exercises to help with this.




Here is an easy test for you to do at home or even right now for that matter. Place your hand flat on a table with your arm flat as well. Slowly move one finger up off the table at a time. You will feel and see the movement of the muscle all the way to the elbow, now do it with the next finger and the next.

Another exercise you can do at home for wrists are extensions and flexions. This is the best exercise for wrist and hand rehabilitation. Take a theraband – or if you dont have one, you can do it without for now. Place your hand at the edge of a table with you hand hanging off of it, bring your hand up without your arm moving off the table and relax it. Then repeat a few times.


Repetitions depend on the above mentioned factors, that being:  the severity of the injury, the amount of strength in the joint and the range of motion. If you have little to no strength then start off with at least 10 reps with a weight or theraband and 15 with just your hand and no weight.


Now to end it off always remember: slow is best for your joints and for rehabilitation.


By Louise Van Wieren

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