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Performing a Correct Squat for Better Results

Performing a Correct Squat for Better Results

Squat, squat, squat! This best and only way to achieve that nice, round butt; is by doing squats. I am going to share with you some tips on how to perform a correct squat – Correct form is key – starting from the setup, the squat and up again….

There are 3 essential steps in performing a squat: Starting position, The squat & The stand up.  Here are the thing you should take into consideration to execute a correct squat.

Steps to a Correct Squat

The first thing you need to know when performing a squat is the starting position.

  • stand straight;
  • stand with your feet shoulder width apart;
  • put your toes out slightly;
  • keep your back straight (neutral spine)  and your chest up & open;
  • bring your hands together at your chest level, in front of you.

Next is to  squat down:

  • squeeze your abs to go down;
  • think about sitting on a chair;
  • as you squat down you should slightly look up; Keep that chest up
  • Knees out, avoid them from rotating, they need to move in a straight line with your toes;
  • your knees should not be over your toes.

The last step in performing a correct squat is to stand up to the starting position. For this to happen you need to:

  • squeeze your glutes and hamstrings to pull yourself back up; drive up with your legs
  • keeping your knees out;
  • look slightly up.


Tip: If you want to work more on your butt than on your thighs, just keep your toes parallel and pointing forward.

Preforming a correct squat you not only works your glutes, but your core and thighs too.  Squats are great for everyone; whether you are an athlete or not, they are essential for strengthening your legs. And of course if you want to perk up your booty then squats are the best way to do that. Preforming a Squat the Correct way ensures injury prevention and maximizes your efforts!

So….. Drop it like a Squat and watch that Butt transform!




By Manuella Myburgh


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