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Category: Strengthening


Lower Body Bootcamp – Claire Deeny
523 0
Personal Training
13:35 mins

Equipment Needed:   Step

Arm Toning Dumbbell Workout – Manuella
499 0
Personal Training
5:42 Mins

Equipment Needed: A set of dumbbells

Step Basics 3 – Claire Deeny
442 0
Personal Training
12:51 Mins

Equipment Needed: Step

Chest Biceps Triceps
2113 0
Free videos
18:05 mins

Chest Biceps Triceps Chest Biceps Triceps video is for all those wanting a power workout for those who like an upper challenge. with the challenges for time faced in our everyday life we don’t always have time for long extended gym sessions. In our Chest Biceps Triceps video our fitness26 trainer puts together a tough condensed […]

Bubble Butt Challenge Workout
3131 +3
Free videos
10:28 Mins

Bubble Butt Challenge Workout Bubble Butt Challenge workout video for all ages. There is nothing better then a nice firm butt. In this Bubble Butt Challenge workout video our Fitness26 trainer will take you through a series of challenging exercises aimed at firming and toning the butt. This video is for all ages, so why […]

Hiit Workout at home
1237 +1
Free videos
13:54 Mins

Hiit workout video Hiit workout video in the comfort of your own home, focuses on keeping your heart rate high to increase your fitness level. This fitness 26 Hiit workout video will show you step by step instructions on how to get the best results and fast. You will be able to get the optimum […]

Calf Workout
1169 0
Free videos
11:37 Mins

Calf Workout Calf workout video for the perfectly defined calves for men or women of all ages and beginners. During this home video learn how to sculpt and tone the perfect calf muscles just in time for summer. In this 12 minute  video our Fitness26 trainer will take you through a series of easy to […]

Step plus Weight Exercises
1098 0
Free videos
16:18 Mins

  Step plus Weight Exercises Step plus Weight Exercises program is a full body workout with cardio and strength training aspects. Combining a cardio burn workout with Weight exercises is show to be the most effective method  to successful weight loss. Step exercises get the body into a high metabolic state meaning it burns fat […]

Toning and Functional training – Molefe
433 0
Personal Training
15:43 Mins

Equipment Needed: Step Gliders

Basic Step Exercises: lesson 2 – Claire Deeny
445 0
Personal Training

Equipment: Step

Triceps Workout – Letitia
503 0
Personal Training
9:58 Mins

Ladies Inner Thigh Workout
1465 0
Free videos
16:15 Mins

    Ladies Inner Thigh Workout Ladies Inner Thigh Workout video you only need a dumbbell and a small ball.Our Ftnes26 trainer focuses on the abductor muscles (inner thigh) – muscles which are often not worked enough. Ladies Inner Thigh Workouts video uses unique exercises which are simple, yet highly effective. This video is directed at […]

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