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Category: Cooking


Robyn’s Herb crusted fish
904 0
8:25 Mins

Ingredients: Olive oil and spray cook Garlic Salt and pepper Hake fish Ground herbs (chives and parsley) 4 slices of GI brown bread (toasted) 1 Lemon

Healthy Shwarma – Josh
438 0
8:07 Mins

Ingredients: Spinach Butternut Pita bread Tenderized steak Chicken Breasts

Nacho’s treat – Dylan
660 0
6:20 Mins

Ingredients: Nacho/ tortilla chips Ostrich/Beef Mince Chilies LF Mozzarella Sour Cream Tomato and Onion Mix Guacamole Onions Chutney Spices

Dylan’s MooChick Banting Burger
385 0
11:23 MIns

Ingredients: Chicken Breasts Beef/Ostrich Mince Mushrooms Spinach Various Spices Chives Rocket Feta Cherry Tomatoes Guacamole 4 Eggs Parmesan Butter Sun dried tomato Pecorini sauce  

Stuffed Peppers Recipe
852 0
7:23 Mins

Stuffed Peppers Recipe Stuffed Peppers Recipe video is a step by step guide to a delicious alternative to the same old boring diet food. Follow our Fitness26 cook in creating a tasty Stuffed Peppers Recipe from scratch. Easy to do. Healthy, and very tasty why not spice up your regular eating habits with something new and […]

Robyn’s Marinara Sauce
417 0
5:31 Mins

Ingredients: 1 tin chopped tomatoes 1 onion Garlic

Robyn’s Meatball Recipe
384 0
8:27 Mins

Ingredients: 1 onion 500g lean beef mince 1 egg 1 tin Brown lentils 1 packet brown lentils Low GI seed bread

Robyn’s Overnight Oatmeal
340 0
8:19 Mins

Ingredients: Oats Plain yogurt (175ml tub) Low fat milk Cinnamon Vanilla essence Walnuts Pecan nuts 1 banana 1 apple (pink lady or red) Mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin seeds) Peanut butter Honey

Robyn’s Mexican Bean Spread
648 0
7:29 Mins

Ingredients: 1 onion Garlic 1 Green pepper Oreganum dried Ground cumin 1 tin baked beans in tomato sauce

Green Banting Salad
2012 0
7:35 Mins

Green Banting Salad Green Banting Salad for those of you part of the Tim Noakes revolution, then this recipe is for you. Our Fitness26 cook makes a delicious, yet simple and easy salad which has zero carbs but all other goodness that will keep you on track. Add this to your weight loss plan along with […]

Dylan’s Chicken Greek Salad Wrap
434 0
4:15 Mins

Ingredients: Lettuce Avocado Chicken Breast Spices Cream Cheese Hummus Feta Olives Onion Tomato Mozarella

Robyn’s Lentil and Tomato Relish
367 0
8:36 MIns

Robyn’s Lentil and Tomato Relish Ingredients: 1 onion 2 garlic cloves 1 can of whole tomatoes 1 cup soaked brown lentils sachet of tomato puree

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