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Category: Advanced


Fitness Challenge – Manuella
4335 +15
8:52 mins

Fitness Challenge Want to really challenge yourself?  This online fitness challenge video will push you beyond your limits and work muscles you never even knew you had! So if you’re brave enough, why not give it a go and tell us how it went?

Advanced Core Workout – Molefe
590 0

Equipment Needed: Step Weight

Killer Ab Workout
1250 0
10:00 Mins

Killer Ab Workout Killer Ab Workout video is for all ages. The most sort after muscle group? A six-pack, so why not challenge yourself to our Killer Ab Workout home video. our Fitness26 trainer will take you through a series of challenging ab exercises that will push you to the limit. this workout can be done […]

Quickstart Routine: Abs and Back -Josh
495 0
12:41 Mins

Quickstart Advanced Abs and Back Routine – Josh
454 0

Equipment: 1 Dumbbell with your weight of choice

Ascending and Descending Combination training – Claire
450 0
18:12 Mins

Equipment: Small Ball  

The Challenge Workout – Shaun
492 0
15:10 Mins

How far can you push yourself?

Advanced Functional Training
1524 0
13:00 Mins

  Advanced Functional Training Advanced Functional Training video will work you head to toe. If you are looking for an intense full body workout that will leave your muscles feeling worked, then this video is for you. Your Fitness26 trainer in a 13 minute video will take you through a full body routine using a […]

Body Weight Arm Workout
970 0
8:24 Mins

Body Weight Arm Workout   Body Weight Arm Workout is in ready for summer! Easy to follow. Quick and effective. Wanting to get rid of flabby arms? Struggling with upper body strength? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you will want to watch this video.Our Fitness26 Trainer take us through various arm […]

Chest, Triceps and upper back – Jake
481 0
11:49 Mins

Equipment needed: set of Dumbbells and a risen surface

Intense Core Training – Shaun
505 0
10:35 MIns

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Body Sculpt Boot camp Part 4: Advanced
421 0
20:09 Mins

Advanced Body Sculpt Boot camp Equipment Needed: A set of dumbbells

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