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Loosing Motivation Lets get you back on Track

Loosing Motivation Lets get you back on Track

Assuming that you have set a very clear fitness goal, you are excited about it and you have started. However, several weeks or months down the road you seem to lose motivation to either work out regularly or to eat healthy.

You are not alone!… Most of us will lose motivation somewhere along the road, especially if your goal is to maintain your current fitness level.


What to do if you lose motivation

Here are my top 5 tips to help you find your enthusiasm again:

  1. Get support / be part of a community

It can be tough to accomplish some things on your own. Sometimes we need direction and so it is important to find your support network, whether it is in the real world or online. You can do this by having a workout buddy, join fitness classes, get a personal trainer or join an online fitness community.

  1. Change your perception

Achieving your goal, whether it’s fitness or a life goal, it starts from within, not on the outside. Change your perception by being more aware of your thoughts. So when it comes to exercising and eating healthy, think about the benefits, not the difficulties.

The immediate thought of exercising tends to be tough and how tired it will make you feel.. When you catch yourself thinking those thoughts, stop and instead, change your perception immediately and think about how good it will make you feel right after exercising. And think about how you will be one step closer you your goal.

When you are in control of your thoughts and emotions, your actions will naturally follow the positive energy you output. So take charge of your thoughts and emotions and create the life you want.

  1. Recognize your effort and reward yourself

To stay motivated you need to recognize your progress, not merely track it. At the end of each day or at the end of each workout session I want you to take a few minutes to recognize the positive feelings you have gained from sticking by your workout plan. This daily self-reflection will help towards a long-term commitment, eating healthy and exercising regularly.

If you have achieved your longer goal range, if you have lost 5 kgs out of 10 kgs, then reward yourself with a new pair of sneakers or workout clothes to push you even further. The more you recognize and reward your hard work and progress, the more you will stay motivated to achieve new milestones, hence achieving your ultimate goal.





4.Be flexible and make it fun

You’ve missed a workout session because you are too busy or, let’s be honest, you just don’t feel up to it. Be kind to yourself and take a break! it is not the end of the world and you have not ruined your goal just by missing a couple of workouts or over indulging in your cheat meals.

Everybody has their down days or even weeks. What is most important for you is to pick yourself back up and get back on track as soon as you can. So once you have regained your enthusiasm, get moving and refocus.

If you are at a maintainer stage, perhaps you need to reset your goals and your activities. Try different activities / workouts and make them fun. Try activities where you get to meet new people. Exercising doesn’t always have to be hard work. You are more likely to stick to your fitness program if you’re having fun.

  1. Commit publicly

I encourage you to share your fitness goal either with your family members, friends, co-workers or even online/ social media. Even if you are not getting the support from your loved ones, you have in a way set a challenge for yourself not to look bad in front of others. This can be positive and it can be a huge motivation for you to go the extra mile and prove yourself.

Commit on giving progress updates to everyone at least once a week. Even if your progress may not seem like anything worth celebrating to others, do it anyway. There is nothing to be shy about because you will only gain from it in the long run.

Remember: Staying fit and healthy is for life. So we are bound to lose motivation and direction at times. Review these tips whenever you feel that your motivation is slipping and pick yourself back up.

Stay fit! Stay Strong!



By Manuella Myburgh

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