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Is it worth investing in a Personal Trainer

Is it worth investing in a Personal Trainer

Most of us need a little help with exercise sometimes, whether you’ve just started out on your fitness journey, or you’ve been at it for a long time.

Some people shy away from personal training, because they are either unsure of what they will get out of the experience, and most will ask, is it worth the money?

The answer to the latter is an absolute YES!

Many people work with trainers for different reasons. Below points will help you decide whether a personal trainer is worth your hard-earned moola.


You’ve been sweating it out for months now and either reached a plateau, or you’re not seeing the results you’ve been working so hard for.

Hiring a trainer may be beneficial for you here. A trainer will analyse your current training program and eating habits, and may just make a little tweak here and there to set you on the right path again. Sound nutritional plans and effective workouts go hand in hand.

2.Not sure where to start

If you’re new to exercise, creating a proper exercise schedule may be a daunting task, let alone figure out how all those machines at the gym work!

A trainer will know how to combine flexibility, strength and cardio into effective workouts to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


If you’re bored of the same old routine, an experienced trainer can add some spice to your workouts by introducing new types of training, in line with your goals.

 4. Accountability and Motivation

You are investing time and money in your own health. Trainers come with built-in motivation. A standing appointment will motivate you to get your butt in gear and head off to gym to go do that workout.

A good trainer will provide you with accountability if you skipped a training session, and will ask you if you did your planned workouts and even how well you are doing with your eating plan.

 5. Illness and Injury

If you have old injuries or any conditions which require the supervision of a doctor, an experienced trainer can help you with rehabilitation and avoid further issues by working closely with your physician. Some trainers specialise in Special Populations like Pregnancy and training for Seniors, and will provide you with a safe and effective training experience.

Do you need any more persuasion? Personal Trainers have a wealth of knowledge and skills to set you on the path to achieve your potential. If any of these points hit home, it may be time for you to take that step and invest in a trainer – and your health.

Fitness26 has an amazing team of highly qualified Personal Trainers that will assist you with custom eating plans, personalised training programs and general training advice. Visit the My PT page to get into contact with a trainer,

Happy training!

By Letitia Kleynhans

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