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How to fit in Fitness with a Busy Schedule


How to fit in Fitness with a Busy Schedule

When you all grown up and have a job, you find that your days of free time are not really there anymore…. With all the new responsibilities and pressure of adult life, you are left with very little time in your day to work out!

So how do you keep your lifestyle active and fulfilling while also fitting in a workout routine in your busy schedule? Here are a few tips on how to stay fit while you are trying to do life.


Delegate what you can… Ask your partner or spouse to help you out, ask them to take care of the dog one day and be fair and take care of the dog the next day. If you try to switch chores around the house; so that you get at least 3 days of working out. This also works if you have flat mates- get days when one of you cleans the dishes, or decide who takes care of the vacuuming each week, by using a schedule.

Incorporate Your Workout in your Routines

If you really can’t avoid walking the dog, switch up your routine so that your busy schedule can be aligned with your fitness goals. Take the dog for a brisk walk one day. Next day, go on a really long walk- your dog will love it, and you will too; once you realize that you can burn up to 300 calories an hour just by taking a walk. If you are doing house chores make it fun…. Turn up the radio and dance while you’re dusting. Do some exercise while you are busy; incorporate a few squats and lunges when hanging the washing or moving around the house. You can even do a quick workout in the kitchen while the food is cooking!

  • Take the stairs wherever you go – whether it’s at the office or in the shopping mall. Escalators and elevators do nothing to help you lose weight.
  • Park far away from the door; whenever you go grocery shopping, park far off in the lot. The extra steps you gain will help stave off weight gain.
  • Move when you’re talking. If you’re one of those people whose phone is glued to their ears, don’t waste all that time – use the time and get moving while you catch up with an old friend!

Wake Up Earlier

Most of us find it a joy to stay up late, because evenings are our “quiet times” and our moments to relax after a hard day at work. But when you have a busy schedule and you want to work out, you need to find a bit more discipline to make it work. Waking up an hour earlier a few times a week should not be a tragedy, and if you get used to going to bed a little earlier each night too, you might be surprised at how pleasant it is to be the first one at the gym in the morning.

Sleep More

If you already have a busy schedule, and you have to wake up earlier, how are you going to get more sleep? The point is to become efficient at time management. Think of it like this: it doesn’t matter if you wake up an hour earlier and hit the gym if you’re dead tired. You will only give about 50% of what you would give in the gym if you were fully rested. Your motivation is super low when you are sleepy all the time, and let’s be honest- when we’re tired we don’t always eat right either, so our progress can go out the door. Take care of your sleep and get at least 7 hours a night (and that doesn’t mean 5 hours each night and recovery time of 12 hours sleep in the weekend!).


The key is to start small and work toward building more exercise into your day. Even as little as 6 minutes a day can improve your health and help you burn off the calories that you ingest during a day.

No more excuses – exercise fits in wherever you allow it!



By Manuella Myburgh

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