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Excess belly fat can be harmful to your health; it is a result of an accumulation of more fat being stored, than fat broken down in the abdomen ( this is where all our excess energy is stored). Poor diet and inadequate physical activity is the major causes of accumulation of stomach fat. The health risks associated with this include: blood sugar imbalance, hormonal imbalance and production of more cholesterol.

Another limitation of excess accumulation of belly fat is reduced flexibility. It is thus essential to get rid of the excess abdominal fats for health and physical benefits. Try to follow these effective fat burning tips for your belly:


Understand your metabolism

Before strategizing on which option to take in order to help you burn the excess belly fat, it is very important that you understand your metabolism. This will provide you with the information and understanding on what will best work for you efficiently. The next step is to develop it so that it speeds up to break down excess stomach fat.

Metabolism rate can be increased by drinking a lot of water, eating protein, avoiding processed foods & foods with sugar, as well as physical exercise, among other things….

Start Exercising

Physical exercise plays a crucial role in burning excess belly fat. It helps in the burning of calories, aiding in blood circulation and also increasing metabolic rate. However, for physical exercise to be helpful, it needs much commitment and self-discipline… This entails being persistent and consistent to an exercise program as well as exercising for a sufficient amount of time.

In order to avoid injury and unnecessary shock or stress to the body, you should start off simple and then progress and increase the difficulty as your body adapts.

Adopt a Healthy Eating Plan

One of the main reasons for accumulation of excess belly fat is a poor diet. Inappropriate and unhealthy eating habits lead to the formation of excess fat in the body, than it is burned and in turn gets stored in the abdomen.

A complete healthy eating plan that will help in burning excess fat should abide by guidelines: It should have very low levels of cholesterol, should have good fats and should be rich in soluble fibre. This will aid in digestion; some of the food that meets the above requirements includes vegetables, fruits, fish, etc…

Drinking lots of water is also helpful. Water will help in regulating the amount of food intake by making the stomach feel full. Also, water has zero calories thus it will ensure you lose more calories than you gain.

Measure your Progress regularly

After adopting the above strategies, it is important for you to measure the progress so that you can determine how efficient your plan is… Some of the alternatives for measuring your progress include: Taking a record of your body weight and your body fat percentage and well as measuring your body circumferences as well as hip to waist ratio, this way you can determine the change over time.

Progress results will form a basis of what you need to do next. If there is a positive change, then you are on the right path and should keep on with the program / plan; or if there is no change a cause should be identified and changes to the plan need to be made.

Stay Motivated & Focused

This is the most important part since it will give you the foundation and energy to move forward despite the many challenges that you will encounter on the way. You should keep the mind busy with a positive mentality. Reading the right motivational books, magazines and articles, even social media will also help you to stay focused. The most important thing is to stay determined and realistic to your goals at the same time, and be patient!

Taking a step at a time and being persistent on your goals is all that one requires in order to achieve the desired results. It will take a considerate amount of time depending on your motivation and determination, which can always be altered.

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