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Don’t be too hard on yourself….

You are only human and sometimes we need to take a few steps back to get ahead.

Acknowledge your excuses….

Whether you are too tired or don’t have enough time, or its too expensive; whatever the excuse we all have those which hold us back. Realise what yours are!

Set / Review your Health Goals

Go ahead and set Goals for yourself! Make them visible, post it on your wall  so you can constantly be reminded!

Set some New Short Term Goals….

It is important to take things one step at a time; Set some intentions for healthy small steps in your immediate future to help you get back on track and to that long term goal you really want!

Be aware of your weaknesses and prepare yourself

This allows you to be prepared for potential future slip ups. If you are likely to snack try and have something health available, if you have a tendency to pick while you are preparing food, have something to drink or rather snack on something healthy like veggies. If you have a weakness for party table food then try eat something filling before going so that you don’t over indulge.

Understand why you went off Track

We often derail, especially when we are sad, bored or had a hard day / week. It is important to find out what happened so that we can avoid it happening again and be prepared for the next time we in the same situation.


Gather Support

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it, this could mean getting a personal trainer, using, a nutritionist, getting your friends and family to support!


It is very important to rest! Reboot your system so you come back even stronger and vitalised than ever! Ready to take on anything that is thrown you way!

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