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Easiest way to prevent those Unwanted Stretch Marks

Easiest way to prevent those Unwanted Stretch Marks

What are stretch marks?

They are a type of scar that occurs all over the body for different reasons. The most common causes are weight gain, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and quick growth. Genetics is the major factor that causes stretch marks.

How to get rid of them?

Once you have stretch marks, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to get rid of them. Even with today’s advanced plastic surgery one cannot completely remove stretch marks. Creams or ointments are not very effective; they just disguise the scars or make them less noticeable.

The most important protection against stretch marks is preventing them! It is true that if you do not have stretch marks, do not worry about them. But you should always be cautious, especially if someone in your family has got stretch marks. For preventing stretch marks there are two important things that we must be careful of: Exercise and Food….

How to prevent stretch marks?

To prevent them it is advisable to eat foods rich in vitamins A, E, and C. Foods rich in zinc are as important as protecting your skin from the sun. You do not have to eat only foods rich in these vitamins and minerals, but be sure that you do not completely bypass them. Try to eat a balanced diet; by doing this you help your skin, muscles, bones, internal organs and brain to function properly with balanced nutrition. Help your entire body to be healthy and free of stretch marks.

 Here are some examples of foods that contain Vitamin A: green leafy vegetables, carrots, mango, tuna, apricots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, pumpkins.

Foods rich in vitamin E include: corn, peanut butter, avocado, tomato puree, almonds, polyunsaturated oil, polyunsaturated oil & seeds.

Vitamin C can be found in one of the following foods: oranges, broccoli, lemons, strawberries,chili peppers, papaya, cantaloupe, guavas.

Bananas, vegetables, and raisin contain zinc.

*Do exercises daily and eat healthy food if you want a stretch marks free body.*

Stay fit & Be strong!




By Manuella Myburgh

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