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Tag: Pilates


Pilates with a Theraband – Tristan
450 0
11:16 Mins

Equipment Needed:   Theraband

Pilates: Full Body Workout
355 0
21:05 Mins

Equipment Needed: Theraband

Pilates: Upper Back and Arms – Goretti
355 0
14:06 Mins

Pilates: Targeting Muffin Tops
1634 +3
Free videos
21:21 Mins

Pilates: Targeting Muffin Tops Muffin Tops as we now the most difficult body part to target. Most people suffer with the problem of Muffin Tops, but what is really the solution? All you need for this video is a Pilates mat and yourself, then get ready to target those Muffin Tops. Follow our Fitness26 trainer […]

Pilates for upper body – Tristan
358 0
10:07 Mins

Equipment Needed: Resistance band

Pilates using the Half Bosu – Tristan
348 0
16:55 Mins

Equipment Needed: Bosu Ball

Abs and Balance with Pilates Balance Boards
2316 +1
Free videos
13:57 Mins

Abs and Balance with Pilates Balance Boards This fitness 26 video will show you step by step instructions on how to get the best results and fast. You will be able to get the optimum results in under 26 minutes by following this abs and Balance workout done by professional fitness 26 instructor. This Fitness26¬†video […]

Pilates: Balance Board Session 2 – Tristan
364 0
12:15 Mins

Equipment Needed: X2 Balance Balls/Bozu Piece of Plyboard Pilates Mat Small Ball

Full Body Pilates Workout
816 0
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18:52 Mins

Full Body Pilates Workout Full Body Pilates Workout aimed at getting the whole body involved, and giving a different element using a small ball as a tool. Pilates s a fantastic way to strengthen and stabilize the Full body. Pilates has benefits for everyone, all ages and fitness levels . Anyone suffering from lower back […]

Basic Pilates 2 – Claire Deeny
363 0
16:42 Mins

Lower Body Pilates Workout : Legs and Bum – Megan
352 0
15:46 Mins

Equipment Needed: Big Ball Theraband

Pilates Stretch Session – Megan
383 0
17:00 Mins

Equipment Needed: Resistance Band So you’ve gone through all of the videos, you’re exhausted and your muscles are sore and stiff. You need to stretch but you don’t even know where to start? Well, here is your solution. Meg takes us through a professional Pilates stretching routine using a resistance band and shows you how […]

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