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Tag: Full body


Full Body Stretch – Josh
632 0
Personal Training
15:10 mins

Fitness Challenge – Manuella
2935 +5
8:52 mins

Fitness Challenge Want to really challenge yourself?  This online fitness challenge video will push you beyond your limits and work muscles you never even knew you had! So if you’re brave enough, why not give it a go and tell us how it went?

Carter Box Workout – Claire Deeny
388 0
Full Body Intermediate
16:02 Mins

Aerobic – like training

Total Body Blast Workout
739 0
Free videos
11:07 Mins

Total Body Blast Workout Total Body Blast Workout for everyone to try and challenge themselves. In this 10 minute Total Body Blast Workout our Fitness26  Trainer will challenge you to a full body workout made up of 3 sets. Total Body Blast Workout is for those who have busy schedule but still want to get a […]

Killer Kettle Bell Workout – Manuella
369 0
Full Body Intermediate
11:43 Mins

Equipment Needed: Kettle Bell

Basic Beginners Pilates
777 0
17:42 Mins

Basic Beginners Pilates Basic Beginners Pilates video is for those of you that are still new to Pilates. This video focuses largely on the core, a stable core means a healthy back. Pilates is know to be a very serious contender with relief of back pain. In our Basic Beginners Pilates video our Fitness26 trainer takes […]

Descending Training – Claire Deeny
388 0
Full Body Intermediate
12:46 Mins

Equipment needed: Small Ball

No Excuse Workout – Manuella
413 0
Full Body Intermediate
15:36 Mins

No equipment needed!

Basic Body Boot Camp – Claire Deeny
370 0
Interval Training
18:20 Mins

Equipment: Resistance Band

The Challenge Workout – Shaun
423 0
15:10 Mins

How far can you push yourself?

Advanced Functional Training
1148 0
13:00 Mins

  Advanced Functional Training Advanced Functional Training video will work you head to toe. If you are looking for an intense full body workout that will leave your muscles feeling worked, then this video is for you. Your Fitness26 trainer in a 13 minute video will take you through a full body routine using a […]

Dirty Dozen Toning Workout – Manuella
383 0
Interval Training
11:37 Mins

Dirty Dozen Toning No Equipment Needed

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