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  • Advanced Mat Pilates – Megan
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  • Advanced Functional Training – Molefe
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  • Flat Belly Workout – Manuella
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  • Inner Thigh Workout – Letitia
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  • Basic Step Training – Claire Deeny
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  • The Blood type Diet – Gabriella
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  • Pilates Stretch Session – Megan
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  • Brett’s Green Banting Salad
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  • Body Weight Arm Workout – Letitia
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  • Leg Session for Ladies – Shaun
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Nathalie : Eating For The Holidays
275 0
4:28 mins
3 months ago

Eating For The Holidays and How to survive on a diet.

Molefe – Intermediate Holiday Training Exercises : Full Body
172 0
Full Body Intermediate
9:12 mins
3 months ago

Full Body Intermediate Training Equipment Needed: Set of weights              

Stretching Routine Pre-Workout – Siphiwe
137 0
Personal Training
16:44 mins
2 months ago

Stretching Routine Pre-workout Watch fitness26 online video stretching routine Pre-workout. It is easy to follow and fun for anyone. In this video we focus on how to correctly stretch before you continue with your workout. Our stretching video will take you through a step by step instruction on how best to stretch your muscles before you start your […]

Pole Dancing Beginners video
104 0
Pole Dancing
24:30 mins
2 months ago

Pole Dancing Beginners video Pole Dancing Beginners video class showcases the talented Fitness26 pole dancing instructor Nikki. She will show you how to git fit and toned using a pole. Pole dancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative fitness regimes among women. It’s no longer considered taboo to be a pole dancer […]

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