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With Fitness26 you get access to hundreds of workout videos, whether you want to get a six pack, tone your arms, thighs and butt, or just get fit, fitness26 is the site for you! You also get access to a live personal trainer, with My PT, and access to loads of calorie specific eating plans and cooking videos.

We strive to give everyone the ability to get into shape or advance in their fitness regime and get the maximum results all within 26 minutes or less. Fitness26 allows you to choose your calorie specific eating plan and pair it with an exercise program, whether it be advanced platies, beginner yoga, personal training for specific areas or boxing we have it all.

Fitness26 offers Hundreds of exercises videos that you can perform in the comfort of your own home, step by step cooking videos and nutritional talks from our experts!



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Nathalie : Eating For The Holidays
308 0
4:28 mins
5 months ago

Eating For The Holidays and How to survive on a diet.

Molefe – Intermediate Holiday Training Exercises : Full Body
220 0
Full Body Intermediate
9:12 mins
5 months ago

Full Body Intermediate Training Equipment Needed: Set of weights              

Stretching Routine Pre-Workout – Siphiwe
174 0
Personal Training
16:44 mins
4 months ago

Stretching Routine Pre-workout Watch fitness26 online video stretching routine Pre-workout. It is easy to follow and fun for anyone. In this video we focus on how to correctly stretch before you continue with your workout. Our stretching video will take you through a step by step instruction on how best to stretch your muscles before you start your […]

Pole Dancing Beginners video
152 0
Pole Dancing
24:30 mins
4 months ago

Pole Dancing Beginners video Pole Dancing Beginners video class showcases the talented Fitness26 pole dancing instructor Nikki. She will show you how to git fit and toned using a pole. Pole dancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative fitness regimes among women. It’s no longer considered taboo to be a pole dancer […]

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